BBC Sherlock news from SDCC

If you were lucky enough to be in attendance Thursday night at SDCC you saw the first 90 seconds of the Christmas Special. Or like the rest of us mere mortals you saw series co-creator Mark Gatiss teas on Twitter that a treat was coming around 12:15am UK time. And what a treat it was…take a look!

It was just enough to wet our whistles…for now. Me I may have watched it on repeat for at least an hour…maybe more. But it’s something AND we know it’s really and truly returning soon-ish as the promo promises.

We were also treated to this little gem of a promo photo of our favorite Consulting Detective and his Blogger Boswell in their Victorian garb the day before.

(Source BBC One)
(Source BBC One)

So I’m wondering what everyone thought of this back in time look at Sherlock? And did you note the opening music and shot as a great nod to the Granada Series? I will tell you that made my heart swell and hit me right in all the feels.



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