Baker Street Irregulars 2015 Silver Blaze Weekend at Saratoga Raceway

Today's program.
Today’s program.

I found myself up at my usual weekday time today for good reason. I was going to spend my morning with Sherlockians for food, presentations, and conversation. Yesterday being the 2015 BSI Silver Blaze Race event….I will note here that I’m told “Silver Blaze” won his/her race (there wasn’t a horse named Silver Blaze, but one was dubbed by the group after the horse of the story)!

It was a pleasure to meet one half of Art in the Blood and find out that both will be attending GridLOCKDC this weekend (looking forward to catching up with them again). After breakfast it was time for short presentations from some of this year’s authors of Saratoga: At the Rail. Topics naturally circled around The Adventure of Silver Blaze and The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place. Fitting for a weekend of horse racing.

Each was very different and educational including discussion of the “What if’s” surrounding the three illustrators of the Holmes stories, and the dog who did or didn’t bark. There were two presentations that also touched on Anti-Semitism in Shoscombe Old Place. Which I must say I never noted before, but will be giving it a re-read in the very near future. We ended the gathering with a group reading of A Long Evening With Holmes by BSI William P. Schweickert.

Looking forward to reading both of these.
Looking forward to reading both of these.

I was lucky enough to pick-up my own copy of Saratoga: At the Rail and Saratoga Studies at the event. Look for reviews of each coming soon here.

Today’s brunch was a lovely event and it was a pleasure to connect with other Sherlockians and societies. Special thanks to our hosts The Hudson Valley Sciontists (Lou Lewis, BSI). It looks as though I will have to make it downstate for their next gathering this fall, while I can still travel.

I was also pleased to hear that word of The Avenging Winters of Albany has spread and I was able to pass around our calling card to those who asked for it and make some new connections with Upstate Sherlockians. I then was off on my own adventure with another of my Sherlockian friends and fellow Avenging Winters member. But that friends is a story for a different blog.



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