The post with ALL the updates and then some

It’s been an age since last I updated the blog/website for the Avenging Winters…who knew growing and then having a small person would be so time consuming? (Ok I did, but still I had hoped to update here and there before the wee one arrived). But since the littlest Sherlockian’s arrival on January 1 I’ve been a tad busy, as you can imagine!

Now for some updates: I did see the BBC Sherlock Special when it aired again on 1/10 as I was in the middle of full on labor when it first aired – which tickled some folks to no end that my little one arrived on the same day as the Special. I guess I liked it. Then again I had to have my husband explain the end to me…because now it seems my brain capacity has sunk to that of “everyone else” according to Sherlock. I can tell you baby brain is real and I really dislike it!

I’ve been a bit more active on our Facebook group – join us won’t you? There are some discussion questions posted as well as a poll or two about setting up our first meeting this Spring (finally)! If you are in the Albany area think about joining us! However, membership in the group isn’t limited to Albany area folks.

In other news 221b Con is fast approaching and once again I’m unable to attend for an very obvious reason (can you guess). But I know some of our members will be traveling to Atlanta. If you plan on attending panelist applications are open. Think about applying. I was on two panels at the 2015 GridLOCK event and while terrified I loved every minute of it. So give it a go and meet new Sherlockian friends!

That’s about all I have for now. I hope to have posts from more members soon including a review of some Sherlock Holmes related books and events across the country. Do stay tuned.


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