A Study in Bull Pups?

Thank you Stamford!
Thank you Stamford!

Today marked the second meeting of the Avenging Winters of Albany! We had five members in attendance to discuss A Study in Scarlet. Having never hosted a meeting like this before I wasn’t sure what to expect (or what to do frankly, but I’m told I did well). It was no accident that I chose a red table cloth for the food spread or that I wore a certain fannish shirt for the meeting. After all we were discussing STUD.

We opted to discuss what we like about the  book and discussed our own theories about this first book. One had to do with why Sherlock Holmes, who seemed perfectly happy to live on his own would choose to have a roommate. Some thought perhaps he did need to money to afford the flat in Baker Street. While others thought perhaps it had to do with him needing a cheerleader of sorts to build him up when he was being brilliant?

Then there was the question of the bull pup that Watson kept. Was it actually a real live creature kept in Baker Street, or perhaps a weapon, or (and I think we all agree) was he warning Holmes that he had a bit of a temper. One of our members RM suggested that bull pup as they found out was slang for temper or bad mood. As we fleshed this out further it seems more likely that Dr. Watson was warning Holmes that he could sometimes be less than charming at times. After all could you really see Holmes putting up with a bull pup in the flat? We all thought said creature might meet it’s end rather quickly (see Gladstone in the RDJ films). I’d be interested to hear what the John H. Watson Society has to say about this, as their members are given the name of a Bull Pup upon joining.

We also discussed “The Mormon bit”, while it is a bit long and heavy to read, it does offer quite a bit of insight into the tale of Mr. Hope. I’ll admit to not understanding it when reading it when I was 17 years old, though I did understand it better when I reread it at around 22. Sometimes age makes all the difference!

There was also talk about the different TV shows that borrow from Holmes and Watson…which the group seemed to agree that House, MD is the closes match to Holmes and Watson with the relationship between House and Wilson. In all it was a lively discussion that thankfully my little one napped through upstairs. But he happily put in an appearance at the end of the meeting.

Our next meeting will be in October where we tackle A Scandal in Bohemia and The Read-headed League. Join us won’t you (more information on our Facebook Page?



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