Our third meeting!

We were able to get back on track for our third meeting (maybe it’s our second…I still have baby brain). Either way there were six of us present this time around! We’re slowly growing and that’s awesome. At this meeting we discussed A Scandal in Bohemia and The Red Headed League. Both fine introductions to Holmes, if the longer novels seem a little too daunting.

During our discussion of the two stories we naturally discussed Granada and BBC’s versions of SCAN. Brett was phenomenal and while the BBC’s version took it to a different place, most of us found it to still be a good representation of the story. In all we had a marvelous time and plan to meet again at the end of June. Check our Facebook page for more information on the next meetings.

Next week I head to Baltimore for A Scintillation of Scions! I’m very excited as this will be my second non-con Sherlockian experience. Someone remind me to bring our cards to the event please and thank you!


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