Just who are The Avenging Winters of Albany?*

C on the Cliffs of Moher in 2013.
C on the Cliffs of Moher in 2013.

Courtney is the founder of The Avenging Winters of Albany. She’s been a fan of Sherlock Holmes for half her life (never you mind how long that is). C’s grandfather bought her the complete Canon in the Summer of 1994 and her love of the Great Detective has gown from there.

When she isn’t tinkering around with the website or doing other things for the society you can find her tweeting up a storm at @AvengingWinters, @GalInTheGreyHat, and @BrownCoatMomma. She also has a pretty big tea habit and may have close to 243 types of tea in her tea cabinet (ok so it’s more like 43, but her husband would argue the higher number is accurate). She’s also married to a big ccience fiction loving nerd/geek who does not understand her obsession with Sherlock Holmes and new mom to a little Sherlockian who she has started reading the Canon to (start them young).

Her favorite Sherlock Holmes stories include: The Illustrious Client (for obvious reasons), The Devil’s Foot, and The Red Headed League. She considers Jeremy Brett’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes to be the best to date.

*More bios to come as time goes on. Not all members will be listed here unless they ask to be as we do respect their privacy.


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