Granada Holmes Watch-A-Long

It’s been an age since there’s been a Watch-A-Long of the Granada series on Twitter. So I am proposing we bring it back! I’m proposing July 23 at either 8 or 9pm for the return of the watch-a-long. We’ll be watching The Illustrious Client for obvious society related reasons.

Holmes and Kitty Winter in the Granada Holmes adaptation of ILLU.
Holmes and Kitty Winter in the Granada Holmes adaptation of ILLU.

It should be noted this episode is not readily available on youtube any longer. So you will have to have a copy of it on DVD or find ahem – other methods of obtaining a copy.

Join us won’t you? (And let me know in the comments or on Twitter which time works best for you)



BBC Sherlock news from SDCC

If you were lucky enough to be in attendance Thursday night at SDCC you saw the first 90 seconds of the Christmas Special. Or like the rest of us mere mortals you saw series co-creator Mark Gatiss teas on Twitter that a treat was coming around 12:15am UK time. And what a treat it was…take a look!

It was just enough to wet our whistles…for now. Me I may have watched it on repeat for at least an hour…maybe more. But it’s something AND we know it’s really and truly returning soon-ish as the promo promises.

We were also treated to this little gem of a promo photo of our favorite Consulting Detective and his Blogger Boswell in their Victorian garb the day before.

(Source BBC One)
(Source BBC One)

So I’m wondering what everyone thought of this back in time look at Sherlock? And did you note the opening music and shot as a great nod to the Granada Series? I will tell you that made my heart swell and hit me right in all the feels.


GridLOCKDC is coming

Are you going? Have you even heard about it? No…check it out here. I’m looking forward to attending as I missed 221b Con earlier this year due to surgery. Even more exciting – I’ll be presenting on two different panels at the event: Just tea for me, thanks – talking tea in Canon and Fandom and the other is Ink in Canon and Fandom – explains itself doesn’t it?

If you are looking to find me that weekend look for me as IllBeMother221B, but I’ll of course be willing to talk The Avenging Winters too! In fact if I can get everything together I may even have business cards handy for the society.

Too long, didn’t read? I’ll be there in August and I hope to see you there!


Moving forward

I’m very happy to report I met with a logo designer last night! He’s familiar with Sherlock Holmes and his wife is one of the 221b Con directors, so what he doesn’t know she can fill him in on. I should have design proofs in my hands within a week and a half. I’ve very excited by his ideas and excitement for the project!

In other news one of our honorary members (JJ) is attending Scintillation of Scions this weekend in Maryland and has offered to give a little recap of the event here for all members. I for one am looking forward to reading it. I was sorry to miss it, but it simply wasn’t in the cards this time around. Thought I am making plans to attend in 2016 and so should you!

I (CP) will be attending the BSI Brunch on 8/2 (once I get the check in the mail to the BSI) at the Desmond Hotel in Albany. It looks to be a lovely event and a nice way to meet with local and not so local Sherlockians. I’ll be certain to report back on the event. If you would like to review/report on a Sherlockian event you attend for this site please let me know either on twitter or facebook.

We are also looking for those interested in doing recaps of tv shows, reviews of movies, and of course books on Sherlock Holmes. Again, simply let me know and we’ll work out a way to get me the information so I can post it here on the site.

Last but not least, I’m thinking that our first event could be a viewing of Mr. Holmes followed by food and discussion after the film. Of course this all hinges on how far the Conan Doyle Estate wishes to take their latest copyright case. Look for a poll on the facebook group about possible dates and after film meeting place. Of course prior to viewing the film do read “A Slight Trick of the Mind” on which the movie is based.

That’s all for now. I’m off to enjoy my Saturday by diving into the Canon and following all the fun at Scintillation of Scions on twitter.


Ms. Kitty Winter (Or how did this society come to be?)

The Avenging Winters of Albany was born on a quiet Sunday in Saratoga Springs while (honorary member) JJ and I were enjoying cookies and milk in a local shop (yes they really sell milk and cookies). Well, she was enjoying cookies and I was bemoaning the fact that the cookie shop’s gluten free cookies all contained coconut – which I cannot eat.

It was then for some reason I blurted out I wanted to start my own local Sherlock Holmes Society in honor of Kitty Winter. But had it already been done before? If not what the heck would I call it? In typical best friend fashion JJ set to work on looking up all known Sherlock Holmes scions and societies. As luck would have it there were none named for Ms. Kitty Winter. Now came the task of naming the society.

Which is of course when JJ came up with The Avenging Winters of Albany. I won’t lie to you, this is why she’s an honorary member. I have been known to be clever when needed, but that day it just wasn’t meant to be. I blame the lack of gluten free cookie options! On the ride back from Saratoga I quickly began shooting off emails and tweets to everyone I could think of. “Could I just start a society?” The answer of course was YES!

I also discovered that it would also be rather easy to request to become a scion. Meaning we would be an off shoot of the Baker Street Irregulars. I have yet to make this request due to being part chicken, and also as I don’t know that we’ve done enough to warrant the request. But I’m building my courage up! But for the time being I’m very ok with simply being a society.

I know what you might be thinking? So why Kitty Winter? What’s so special about her? Beg pardon, but have you read or watched the Granada Holmes version of The Illustrious Client? Too long, didn’t read/watch. Kitty Winter is a  word a badass! Don’t believe me? Go and read Lyndsay Faye’s piece on Ms. Winter for the Baker Street Babes. Kitty was a total bad ass. Plus Sherlock Holmes didn’t treat her like she was anything less than an ally who could help bring down a truly horrible man. Thought I don’t think he was counting on the method she used at the time of their alliance.

Really the point of The Avenging Winters of Albany is to yes talk about all things Sherlock Holmes. But we’re also here to stand up for Kitty and her total badass-ery!

Live in/near Albany, NY (or hell within 3 hours of) and care to join us? Come on over to our facebook group and ask to join up (then join the conversation) or get in touch with me on twitter – @avengingwinters, we’d be happy to have you!

CP, Founder – The Avenging Winters of Albany



Welcome to the home of The Avenging Winters of Albany! We are a Sherlock Holmes Society based in Upstate, NY and the surrounding area. If you are interested in Sherlock Holmes please consider joining us! Our group is an all inclusive one and all are welcome here.

We plan to talk about the following at our monthly meetings:

  • The original Sherlock Holmes Canon
  • Pastiches, fan fic, and new stories based on Sherlock Holmes
  • Films based on the book series
  • TV shows bases on the book series
  • And much more!

We also have events and potential presentations we’re working on. So please come back and visit often for more information as we grow the society! You may also wish to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (you may find the links at the top of the page).

We look forward to welcoming you!